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FMB-1X Nighthawk by Rom-Stol FMB-1X Nighthawk by Rom-Stol
Model number: FMB-1X
Code name: Nighthawk
Unit type: experimental transformable mobile armor
Manufacturer: Feinsilber Industries, Brandenburgo branch.
Operator: Xebac
First deployment: August OC 0045
Accommodation: pilot only, in high resolution screen cockpit in head
Dimensions: MA mode: length: 26.2 meters, width: 19.8 meters. MS mode: height: 19 meters.
Weight: empty weight: 38 tons, max weight: 52 tons.
Armor materials: Aluminum, high tensile steel and titanium alloy.
Powerplant: Thermonuclear fusion reactor, output rated at 1450 kw
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 40.500 kg
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration: 3.11G
Equipment and design features: sensors, range 5000 meters
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, 2 x missile launcher, 1 x mega laser cannon, output rated at 2.5 MW.

Technical and Historical Notes

The FMM-1X is an experimental MS project, that eventually turned in what is known as the first “Mobile Armor”, term that describes a giant mobile weapon that isn’t antropomorphic in shape. Designed by Ben Greehm and financed by the royal families supporting Xebac, the Nighthawk combines the speed of a space fighter with the versatility of a MS. The complexity and the cost of producing this unit led to Feinsilber almost droping the task, but later reconsidered thanks to Benjamin, who encouraged the engineering team to continue with the prototype. Initially just a MA, until Benjamin realizes that it could hide ms parts in-between the fuselage, that could be conected to joints which could enable the ship to “transform” into a MS. Altough capable of its MS form, the Nighthawk was primarily a space fighter, using its MS mode for special tasks that require interaction with objects. In that cases the MS manipulators come in handy. Other than that, the MS mode is not a good option to fight, in the sense that cannot make use of the machine fullest potential. Its armament was a high output laser cannon(which uses many parts in common with the Kwalen’s rifle) and a set of two heat seekers missile launchers. Both of them could be used in MA or MS mode. The Nighthawk weak arms could only handle small, light weight weapons, therefore was only equipped with a small knife that rarely used. A preproduction of three prototypes was projected, but only two of them were assembled while the unassembled one was used as spare parts source. The MA/MS concept did not catch the developers interest for future investments, and they rather prefered to separate the MA concept from the MS, producing them separately. Despite all of that, Benjamin Greehm was not willing to accept that his concept was a bad idea and was(and sure even is now) looking for investors for an improved version of this experimental craft.
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sledgeviper Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
That Night-Hawk variable machine is really nice... It's important to have a Solid MA and MS form. A lack of quality of either can be bad for the Mech as a whole, this often makes designing them very difficult... But, this seems like a very stable and solid concept.

I think the legs could use a little redesigning. The shins feel a wee bit small... Typically with with Eastern Mecha the shins (from edge of the knee joint, to the bottom of the foot) is approximately twice the length of the thigh... Usually... I think you used an interesting method of Shape-Size-Redistribution: The largest object is the wings/backpack. What you did is made the Thighs share a Similar-Thickness, and Similar-Length as the Backpack/Wings (MS form), AND, these seperate parts are in Close-Proximity (aka Local) which is a very effecient method of Neutralizing the "catchyness" of the wings. The Largest shapes MUST be neutralized, otherwise they dominate the whole design and the viewer loses focus of the design as a whole (Globally.) An alternate method, is Spacing. Spacing requires more than 1 version/copy/variant of the Target/Chosen part (imagine having 3 copies and place each one at the corners of a Triangle, you have space inbetween the copies, Thus: Spacing. Spacing can be applied to: Positive space (Shapes), Negative Space, Detail (lines dots), and Color. Spacing also helps divert attention, helps create Sequences, and Evenly Dispurse objects/colors/details across the Design (Globally) to help retain a Comfortamble sense of balance in the Design.

My Suggestion, (if you want to experiment), make the shins as long as the Backpack/Wings (MS mode) to test if spacing can help Solve the legs.

*In Addition: Eastern Mecha body parts relate in length of the Torso (begins at the waist, then Chest, and stops before the Neck.) The entire Length of the Torso sugessts that the Length of the Thighs, and Forearms share the same length; and the shins + feet = approx x2 (twice) the same length of the Thighs/Torso/Forearms. All share a "Similar but Different" characteristic. It's essentially blending/sharing characteristics.

**The Shoulders and Chest also bear similar shapes from the Head, and the Skirt bears similar shapes and Similar Angles as the Shoulders. Never be afraid to replicate a shape, tweak it somewhere else (spacing) because it'll come work, more times than you realize. Also try flipping the axis of copied shapes and spacing them elsewhere.
Rom-Stol Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Thanks for that very constructive comment. The design of this ms was very tricky and took more than one try to get it done. When designing the legs of the nighthawk I considered the length of the legs (the entire leg) to be proportional with the standard, although I located the knee below the standard zone since transformable MS can get some freedom in the proportions aspect. The transformation process isn't really proved, and in fact I never draw the bottom half of the plane form, just imagined it, so I don't know if the legs really fits properly there. The MS legs can only be seen in the bottom half of the plane form; if you look for them in this drawing you'll only see the feets protruding at the end, just like with valkyries.
This series of mine (mobile sword saint gundam) is not finished yet and I'll probably make a revision of this suit if I gather motivation to draw all the rest of the mobile suits I have in my mind.
MrRobotov Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice. :D
EyesOfGaia Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
quedo la raja!!!

luego leere la descripción :iconyaomemeplz:
Rom-Stol Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
vale xD
o en 2 semanas lee la version impresa jeje
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